O Blandos Oculos
Et Profectus Est Elit
Ver Purpuratum
Te Vigilans
Benedicti Te
Et Aeterna
Yum Yum
Quis Color
Et Profectus Est Elit  The Maestro is on his way
Ver Purpuratum Spring Purple Ver Purpuratum exit,Ornatus suos induit:Aspergit terram floribus,Ligna silvarum frondibus, Goes forth the scarlet spring,Clad with all blossoming,Sprinkles the fields with flowers,Leaves on the forest
Benedicti TeBlessed Be You Ite nunc fortes ubi celsa magniDucit exempli via. Cur inertes Terga nudatis? Superata tellusSidera donat O strong heart, go where the roadOf ancient honour climbs.Bow not your craven shoulders.Earth conquered gives the stars
Et AeternaAnd Eternal
Yum Yum Yum Yum
Quis Color What Color Quis color ille vadis, seras cum propulit umbrasHesperus et viridi perfudit monte Mosellam! What colour are they now, thy quiet waters?The evening star has brought the evening lightAnd filled the river with the green hillside;
Te VigilansYou Lay Awake
MerularumBlackbirds Hic turtur gemit, resonat hic turdus,Pangit hic priscus merularum sonus;Passer nec tacens, arridens garrituAlte sub ulmis. The doves make moan, deep throated sings the thrush,The blackbirds flute their ancient melody;The sparrow twitters, making his small jestsHigh underneath the elm.
DeoGod Errantes silva in magna et sub luce malignaInter harundineasque comas gravidumque papaverEt tacitos sine labe lacus, sine mumure rivosQuorum per ripas nebuloso lumine marcent They wander in deep woods, in mournful light,Amid long reeds and drowsy-headed poppies,And lakes where no wave laps, and voiceless streams,Upon whose banks in the dim light grow old
O Blandos Oculos Oh, sweet eyes O blandos oculos et inquietosEt quadam propria nota loquaces!Illic et Venus et leves AmoresAtquie ipsa in medio sedet Voluptas O lovely restless eyes, that speakIn language’s despite!For there sits Beauty, and the little Loves:Between them dwells Delight
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Magnificat by Industrial Monk
Prophecies by Industrial Monk
IM3 by Industrial Monk
Et Profectus by Industrial Monk
Industrial Monk began in the 1990s when Frederick Vogler and Takashi Kawai were working together in the studios as mixer and synthesist respectively for independent movie composers.  After several musical conversations, meals and drinks, the two ended up creating their own style of music. Inspired by music of 16th century Europe, and a strong interest in progressive rock, Frederick pushed to bring a “monk” vibe to electronica.  Takashi, with his experience in film music composition, responded with slammin’ rhythmic loops and epic sound design.  Truly a relationship of complementary talents. Industrial Monk is musical liberation, where anything goes.  It’s a creative outlet that focuses on music that is anything but dull.  There is no formula, but instead a sense that music and music creation should always be evolving.  Distortion is not a bad word, but a form of color and expression. Having completed four records, Industrial Monk is just beginning and producing together is getting better with age.  There’s more Monk on the horizon!